Dongguan Dun Xun Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception in 2006 is constantly working on R & D and production of various advanced communications wire, over the years, we in order to create the staff pleasant working environment for the company's vision; to sophisticated cost to improve and perfect the quality of the products do for the company's business strategy, due to our high quality Lingxun understanding of customer industry competition situation persist, for how to make customers more robust by concern, so we constantly improved our business model to implement the philosophy of "integrity, pragmatic and innovative". Strengthen our R & D capabilities and product testing capabilities, and actively apply and through the international safety regulations and certification standards, in order to meet the "right to meet all customer requirements" of the quality policy. And the real attention to customer needs, and thus won the trust and affirmation of customers around the world. .

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MEFIBO Sister Company - Shanghai Newstart Motion Engineer Co., Ltd.

Newstart Motion Industries Ltd, known as former GK Motion Industries Ltd is MEFIBO Ltd's sister company. Focus on the developing and producing high precision low backlash planetary gearbox for industrial automation application.We commit oneself to offer top quality product and service to customer.
We specialize in gears industries more than 20 years, gained rich producing and service experience. Our facility include High-end precision machining centre, turning center. and Automatic NC hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, gear grinding machine. All of our gears processed by Vacuum ion nitriding technology, and we have advanced assembling line. Each part of the products is designed well as completely  modular structure : low noise, high precision, big torque and long life.
Due to our quality products and professional service team, your kind choice on our products can help you to make things easy and save cost. Our products have installed on many kinds of machines in all around of the world.

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