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Undercut is the difference in height between the surface of the ferrule and the surface of the fiber. Undercut is usually measured by finding two points which lie on the centerline of the fiber. One point lies where the sphere forming the surface of the ferrule intersects the centerline of the fiber. The second point lies where the surface of the fiber intersects the centerline of the ferrule. The distance between these two points is the undercut.

Fiber Height

Vertex offset indicates how well the sphere forming the connector end face is centered on the fiber. It is measured by determining the position of the highest point of the end face and measuring the distance between this point and the center of the fiber.

Apex offset

This is defined as the radius of curvature of the portion of the end face that is domed by polishing for physical contact.

Radius of Curvature

Measurement/reference Cable Topograhpy (Connector Endface 3D Test)

The performance of back reflection(RL. return loss) and insertion loss (IL. insertion loss) figures often attract too much attention, while the importance of topography measurement of the polished ferrule, namely, radius of curvature (ROC),vertex offset (Apex offset) and undercut (Fiber Height) are always ignored by many manufacturers and buyers.

MEFIBO Library