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Fiber To The X Product

Terminal Cabinet
01 4 Core Terminal Cabinet.
02 16 Core Terminal Cabinet.

Terminal Box
01 1 Fiber Terminal Box.
02 2 Fiber Terminal Box.

PLC Cabinet
01 8 Channel PLC Cabinet.
02 16 Channel PLC Cabinet.

01 8 Channel PLC Box.
02 16 Channel PLC Box.

Faceplate Socket
01 SC Faceplate Socket.
02 FC Faceplate Socket.

FTTH Drop Cable
01 1 Fiber FRP Drop Cable.
02 2 Fiber FRP Drop Cable.

Protective Sleeve
01 Single Fiber Fusion Splicer Heat Shrinkable Protective Sleeve.
02 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer Heat Shrinkable Protective Sleeve.
03 Indoor Fiber Cable Protective Socket.
04 Bare Fiber Protect Socket.


MEFIBO last-mile optical fiber solution, aims at providing all the necessary FTTx (FTTH, FTTB) products implemented in the business or residential projects to our business partners.The FTTx architecture requires core components like terminal cabinet, terminal box, PLC cabinet, PLC box, faceplate socket, fast connector, FTTH drop cable, indoor fiber cable protective socket, bare fiber protective tube and etc.